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International Tourist Company ®

Address: F-11/12, Triveni Complex, sheikh Sarai- 1,
New Delhi – 110017
Tel: +91 – 11 – 41031657, 41306150, 41054009, 43213333
Mob.: +91 986 823 4701​⁠​

Car Rental Services in Delhi
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Car Rental Services in Delhi
Provider Name
International Tourist Company,
F-11/12, Triveni Complex,Sheikh Sarai- 1,Delhi-110017,
Telephone No.+91 986 823 4701​⁠​
ITC is a multifaceted Car Rental company operating in Delhi. Founded in early 80's, it has strength of over 100 cabs in its fleet ranging from Audi to Dezire and Luxury Tempo Travelers to Buses. While we provide cars in premium segment we also provide cabs for pickups and drops.